Hello !

I’m super glad if you have time to check out my blog about movies. I am big movie watcher and I have seen a lot of movies and hopefully see alot more 🙂

I’m just a girl who loves movies and now in this blog I’ll write what I have in my mind and what I think about movies. I have totally different taste at some point, as you may see. And I like watch different style movies and in different languages and countries.

I’m from very little and not so known country, so that means my mother tounge isn’t english, so I feel sorry and apologizes if I write something totally wrong and don’t say everything out properly, but I’m working on it 🙂

I have another blog, it’s on blogspot and there I have written down all movies I have seen and will write the others what I have seen but haven’t written yet, so there is long post what movies are about, but here I will write what I think.



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